Adore Ian is a steamy romance author whose debut novel Earning Her Trust is on sale now – Buy it today!

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Praise for Earning Her Trust


I am legit blown away by how good this book was. Especially considering it is the author’s debut book.” Between the Bookends

Truly worth picking up; if not for the torrid smut, then for the depth and relatability to the world and the beautifully well rounded characters.” —Goodreads Reviewer

This was the author’s debut novel and I was impressed. She brings you a story about love, hurt, betrayal, resilience and the strength each of us holds within. These two had chemistry and it was hot! But it was so much more. I look forward to future stories.” —Keri Loves Books

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end! I was captivated by the mysteries of Marrin and Damian’s hidden backstories and of course hooked by the deliciously steamy smutty scenes.”  —Goodreads Reviewer

This book absolutely blew my mind. When Adore Ian reached out and asked if I’d review her first book, I took a look at the synopsis and thought it sounded interesting. Now that I finally got around to reading it, I wish I would have much sooner! Her book was amazing! Full of intrigue and mystery and also hot, passionate love scenes! This book made me QUIVER! She is incredibly talented and I am officially addicted.” —Jackie Reads Romance

I cannot say enough good things about this book! Adore Ian’s writing style is so mature and easy to fall into, I read this book in just a few sittings. There was just the right amount of everything in this book; flirty fun, dynamic action scenes, EDUCATION, and some REALLY sexy scenes.” —Goodreads Reviewer

It’s STEAMY. Smutty. All of that. It wasn’t too raunchy to enjoy, pretty tasteful but be prepared. It’s HOT. … The writer did a fantastic job on putting these two broken individuals together to sort their lives out to be able to be with each other. This won’t be my last Adore Ian book.” —TweezyReads

The scene where they [spoiler omitted] was some of the most beautiful and emotionally compelling bit of writing I have encountered in my three month binge of romance novels. I teared up – it was so raw and primal that it just touched my soul and it was truly wonderful.” —Goodreads Reviewer